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Fourth day at home

The account has finally reached a new high

The hero is still the most rubbish Weiyuan shares

Weiyuan did not raise the limit yesterday, but opened lower today, and reached the limit. I set the limit in the morning, but there was no transaction.The volume is heavy, can the bottom still break through?At the end of the day, I still couldn't help but cut three hands. If it rises, it's uncomfortable if it doesn't sell.

Xiangxiang also has five points, and it has paid back, hey, I have left the bottom position

To sum up, Haotong Technology has paid back its capital recently, and Yaxiang Technology is expected to pay back its capital as well.

The main battlefield is CRO Porton, just wait, the sector is too weak

The epidemic seems to be serious. We will close the community for three days tomorrow.Yiling Pharmaceutical and Jiuan Medical have all reached their daily limit, and the monster stocks have been rising.

Can this be contained?

$ Yiling Pharmaceutical (SZ002603)$$ Jiuan Medical (SZ002432)$$Cloud Horse(SH603130)$

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