my year-end summary

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Graduated in 2013, this is my 9th year of work.
33 years old, male, second-hand housing industry in Beijing.
[In terms of work] Affected by the epidemic this year, the transaction volume of second-hand housing is much lower than last year.Although I ride an e-Donkey with full enthusiasm to show clients every day, I haven’t billed for two months. [Bitter]
At this time last year, Xueqiu had 7,000 fans, and this year it has increased by 2,000. Due to the delisting in the second half of the year, the speed of increasing fans has slowed down significantlyup.
[Family] Unmarried, one person can eat enough and the whole family will not be hungry.His parents are healthy and live in the fifth-tier cities in his hometown.
[Income] The annual salary + commission is estimated to be around 200,000 yuan, and last year it was 300,000 yuan.
[In terms of investment] This year's stock loss was 1.8 million, last year's loss was 1.3 million, and the two-year loss was 3.1 million.From the highest point last year to April before the liquidation, the maximum retracement was 3.48 million.

Because there are still hundreds of thousands of consumer loans that have not been repaid, it is impossible to make a comeback.

[In terms of assets] House: I have been renting a house in Beijing. I used to invest my salary every year in the stock market, and now I have nothing.If you go back to your hometown in a fifth-tier city, you can live with your parents.Car: A small Yardi electric donkey.
[Physical aspects] Everything is not going well this year, but the weight loss is relatively successful.The physical examination was also unremarkable.

【Future Plan】I hope that in the next few years, I will work hard and pay off my consumer loans as soon as possible.At the same time, I also hope that my family will be healthy, and I will slowly find the person who suits me best after paying off my debts.