List of Fee Rates of the Five Major Securities Companies

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List of Fee Rates of the Five Major Securities Companies

Accept answer 1:
The five major brokerages generally default to 30,000 commissions for buying stocks. If you want to open an account with a low commission, you can contact the online account manager to handle it, because they have the privilege of discounts, so you can apply for a certain discount space and choose the right one.That's it.

1. The first step is to make an appointment with an account manager to open an account and scan the QR code of the account manager to open an account;
Second, the next step is to upload a personal ID photo, which must be scanned on both sides;
3. Further fill in other identity information and materials;
4. The test questions for completing the risk assessment online are all multiple-choice questions, which are simple and easy to do;
5. When setting the password, remember it clearly and use it later;
6. Bind bank card;
7. Carry out video verification;
8. Fill out the questionnaire and wait for the final account opening result.

If necessary, please contact me, our company will provide you with low commission rate and service.

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