Futures top ten companies ranking?Which one has the lowest handling fee?

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Ranking of top ten futures companies?Which one has the lowest handling fee?

Accept answer 1:
Hello, the top ten futures companies rank as follows: Guotai Junan, Galaxy Futures, Yongan Futures, CITIC Futures, Orient Securities Futures, Huatai Futures, Nanhua Futures, COFCO Futures, China Securities, Shenyin Wanguo.The above-mentioned futures companies can reduce the preferential handling fee, and not only the above-mentioned companies, but all the current futures companies can basically offer discounts, so we need to contact the futures manager directly to negotiate directly.

After the negotiation is completed, we can get a low handling fee form from the futures manager. The futures handling fee list records the collection of all futures product contracts, including the handling fee for opening and closing positions, closing positions,For example: opening and closing positions of methanol is 2 yuan/lot, closing and closing positions is 6 yuan/lot; opening and closing positions of cotton is 4.3 yuan/lot, and closing and closing positions are free; opening and closing positions of soda ash is 3.5 yuan, closing and closing positions is 10 yuanRMB 4, screw thread about 4 yuan/lot, sugar 3 yuan/lot, gold 10 yuan/lot... (If the price is updated, you can contact me to send you a new version)

Futures commissions are charged in both directions, and if some futures varieties are opened and closed within a day, no commission will be charged for closing positions, but they will still be charged for closing positions on the next day, that is, they will be exempt from closing today;If some futures varieties open and close within a day, the daily handling fee is higher than the opening handling fee.Therefore, try to understand the product charges as much as possible before the transaction to avoid financial problems.

The above is the relevant introduction about the low handling fee of the top ten futures companies. I hope it can help you. If you want a low handling fee, you can contact me directly.Or if you don’t understand, or want to know more about futures issues, you can click on WeChat or call me for free, 24-hour professional online free service

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