Futures account opening process is?Need to open an account?

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What is the process of opening a futures account?Where do I need to open an account?

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Hello, the process of opening an account for trading futures is as follows:

1. Choose a regular futures company
2. Download the futures account opening cloud APP or the company's exclusive account opening APP
3. Prepare front and back photos of ID card and silver card
4. Follow the prompts to submit information
V. Waiting for the video verification of the futures company
6. Deposit after the final bank period is connected, and trade at night on the same day

To open a futures account, you need to go to the futures company to open an account online. Opening a futures account is still very simple, as long as it is a regular futures company. There are currently 150 futures companies in China.If you check the list on the official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, as long as the futures companies in the list are safe and legal trading platforms, the funds are subject to the three-party supervision of the bank.There is no distinction between good and bad futures companies. Before opening an account, you can consult a futures consultant or a futures manager. Those who can meet our own requirements can choose to open an account. The futures manager can also provide professional services and reduce transaction costs, etc.

The above is the relevant introduction about opening an account for futures trading. I hope it can help you. If you need to open an account, you can contact me directly.Or if you don’t understand something, or want to know more questions, you can click on WeChat or call me for free consultation, 24-hour professional online free service

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