How to calculate the futures company's handling fee?A list of futures commissions?

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How is the futures company's handling fee calculated?A list of futures commissions?

Accept answer 1:
Hello, the calculation method of the futures company's handling fee is as follows:
1. Calculated by the number of lots, that is, how much is one lot
For example, the soybean oil contract is 2 yuan/lot.The corresponding calculation formula is: N lots of certain futures contract handling fee = fixed handling fee × N lots, then the handling fee for one lot of soybean oil is 2 yuan

2. Calculated according to the proportion of the transaction amount, which is generally how many ten thousandths
The corresponding calculation formula is: Handling fee for a certain futures contract in N lots = opening/closing transaction price x trading unit (contract multiplier) x handling fee rate x N lots, taking iron ore as an example, iron ore proceduresThe fee is one ten-thousandth of the transaction amount. If the price of iron ore is 5,000 yuan, then the handling fee for first-hand rebar = 5000*1*10*one ten-thousandth=5 yuan.

You can contact me for a list of futures commissions for free. Each of us may trade different varieties. Below I briefly list the commission standards for some varieties. If you need other varieties, you can contact me and send them to you:
Cotton yarn 4.00 yuan/lot, glass 6.00 yuan/lot, rapeseed meal 1.50 yuan/lot, apple 5.00 yuan/lot, stainless steel 2.00 yuan/lot
Urea 5.00 yuan/lot, ferrosilicon 3.00 yuan/lot, manganese silicon 3.00 yuan/lot, soda ash 3.50 yuan/lot, cotton 4.30 yuan/lot,
Sugar 3.00 yuan/lot, PTA 3.00 yuan/lot, peanut 4.00 yuan/lot, methanol N 2.00 yuan/lot, soybean meal 1.50 yuan/lot
Corn 1.20 yuan/lot, soybean oil 2.50 yuan/lot, ethylene glycol 3.00 yuan/lot, aluminum 3.00 yuan/lot, nickel 3.00 yuan/lot,
Tin 3.00 yuan/lot, zinc 3.00 yuan/lot, gold 10.00 yuan/lot, stainless steel 2.00 yuan/lot, crude oil 20 yuan/lot.

The above is the introduction about the futures commission calculation and the list. I hope it can help you. If you want a low commission, you can contact me directly.Or if you don’t understand, or want to know more about futures issues, you can click on WeChat or call me for free, 24-hour professional online free service

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