How much is it to buy rebar futures?How to calculate margin?

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How much is it to buy rebar futures?How to calculate margin?

Accept answer 1:
Hello, the rebar first-hand margin needs about 5040 yuan of funds, the details are as follows:

The specific calculation formula of rebar futures margin is as follows:
1. Margin = contract price x trading unit x margin ratio
2. Taking the price of rebar 3600 as an example, one lot is 10 tons, and the margin ratio is 12% (the intraday price is the price of one ton of rebar, and in the futures trading market, 10 tons of rebar is one lot, so we need to useIntraday price x10 tons)
3. 3600X10*12%=4320 yuan, which means that trading first-hand rebar requires 4320 yuan of funds. The profit and loss of the rebar fluctuation is 10 yuan, and the profit and loss of 400 points of fluctuation is 4000 yuan

The details of rebar products are as follows:
Rebar steel belongs to ferrous metal series products, related varieties include: hot coil, iron ore, coking coal, coke and so on.
Rebar trading hours are: Monday to Friday morning: 9:00--10:15. 10:30--11:30
Afternoon: 13:30--15:00 Night: 21:00--23:00
Rebar transaction code: RB
Trading unit of rebar: 10 tons/lot
A little fluctuation in the threaded steel plate: 1 yuan/ton
Price profit and loss of the smallest fluctuation of rebar: 10 yuan
The listed exchange of rebar: Shanghai Futures Exchange

The above is the relevant introduction about the cost of futures rebar. I hope it can help you. If you need to speculate on futures rebar, you can contact me directly.Or if you don’t understand something, or want to know more questions, you can click on WeChat or call me for free consultation, 24-hour professional online free service

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