How can a brokerage VIP account be handled online, and what is the minimum transaction fee rate?

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How can a brokerage VIP account be handled online, and what is the minimum transaction fee rate?

Accept answer 1:
Hello, you can open a VIP stock account online with an account manager, and click on the link sent by the account manager to open an account. The commission for a VIP account is generally relatively low, and the amount of funds can be as low as the cost price.To open an account, you must be over 18 years old. To open an account, you must have a valid ID card and a bank card in normal use.

General steps for online account opening:
1. Contact the account manager of the securities company to get the recommendation code for opening an account with low handling fee;
2. Install the securities company trading APP, find and open an account immediately to verify the mobile phone number to log in;
3. Upload the photo of the valid ID card as required, and fill in the basic information of the individual;
4. According to the actual situation of the individual, conduct an assessment of the risk tolerance of opening an account;
5. Select the type of account to apply for, agree to check the relevant account opening agreement and submit it;
6. Set the six-digit transaction password and fund password, the password can be the same;
7. Submit your valid bank card to handle third-party custody of transaction funds;
8. Conduct account opening video recording as a video witness to verify my willingness to open an account;
9. Complete the questionnaire and submit the account opening review, and wait for the SMS notification of the account opening completion;

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