How much is the commission to open an account?How long will it take to get to open an account can be completed?

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How much is the account opening commission?How long does it take to open an account?

Accept answer 1:
Hello, the account opening commission generally defaults to around 10,000, and the account opening can be completed in about ten minutes. The low-commission securities account can be handled as long as it meets the account opening requirements and contacts the account manager of the securities firm;ID card and bank card to complete the account opening.

1. The first step is to scan the account manager’s account opening QR code to download the software, which is convenient, fast, safe and reliable;
2. Scan the ID card and upload both sides;
3. Further fill in other identity information and materials;
4. The next step is risk assessment, which evaluates the risk tolerance of customers;
5. Set a six-digit login password;
6. Select the three-party deposit bank, and enter the bank card number and bank card password;
7. Video witness, use standard Mandarin to record a video, pay attention to the clear and accurate speech speed;
8. The last step is to wait for the account opening result. If the fund account comes out, it means that the account opening is successful.

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