What about the commission less stock open an account?Comprehensive analytical!

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How much is the low commission for securities account opening?Comprehensive analysis!

Accept answer 1:
Hello, the low commission for opening a securities account is around 30,000. If you want a discount for opening an account, you need to contact the online account manager separately before opening an account. The account manager has the authority to help you open a preferential low-commission securities account for free, and you can follow the line laterOnline account managers learn a lot of financial knowledge for free.

Securities account opening process:
1. Contact the securities account manager to provide a link, and prepare your ID card and bank card
2. Then fill in the corresponding data information in the blank according to the information in the figure below
3. Select the default sales department of the securities company
4. Upload the front and back of the ID card according to the prompt
5. Contract depository bank
6. Open the Shanghai stock market, Shenzhen stock market, and you can also hook up the fund account
7. Risk assessment
8. Submit account opening application

The above is how much is the low commission for securities account opening?Professional answers to your questions, you can find me to apply for VIP low commission account, fund account, one of our top ten brokerages, free online guidance for you, if you have any questions, please click the upper right corner to contact me, so that your investment is lesstake a detour

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