ST dawn: drop stop today, late closed 8.12 yuan

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I'm thinking, ST Shuguang has two reasons for the lower limit: first, it is currently under supervision, and large funds are warned; second, there are many profit taking, there is a demand for callbacks in the short term.

I think that today's lower limit may mark the end of the first wave, and it may be necessary to adjust before going up again.At present, the price of around 8 yuan should be a major divergence point.

Some people are extremely optimistic about ST Suguang, thinking that it will be invincible and will surely hit a new high; some people will leave after making a short-term profit.All in all, each has its own positioning, and each has its own choice.

In ST Shuguang, some people are doing short-term, while others are doing medium- and long-term.There is no right or wrong to say, it's just a different trading model.

I am generally bullish on ST Dawn, and have always been.This also determines that I will resolutely choose to buy the bottom when it is four or five yuan.However, if the stock price is off the bottom, I will remain cautious and tread on eggshells.This may be determined by my cautious and conservative investment style.

Someone asked me if I was cleared.I haven't cleared the position yet, but the position has become lighter.

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