Which securities company in Zhoushan has the lowest transaction fee for opening an account?

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Which securities company in Zhoushan has the lowest transaction fee for opening an account?

Accept answer 1:
Hello, a small number of securities companies in Zhoushan City provide cost price handling fees for account opening. Your account opening method affects the amount of commissions, and the commissions for securities accounts with account managers will be greatly reduced.The age of opening an account cannot be lower than 18 years old, and an ID card and a bank card are necessary for opening an account.

Approximate steps for online account opening:
1. Choose a suitable securities company and contact the account manager to obtain the QR code for opening an account with low commission;
2. Find one-click account opening on the software, fill in the mobile phone number and receive the verification code to enter the selected sales department;
3. Upload a photo of your ID card as required, and check if there is any error in the identified information;
4. Supplement personal information according to the system prompts to ensure that there is no problem with the basic information filled in;
5. Check and sign the agreement related to account opening, and then select the type of account to be opened;
6. Set up personal funds and transaction passwords, and the passwords cannot be repeated and continuous;
7. Handle the three-party depository of transaction funds, enter the card number and bind the debit card you use;
8. Online video witness confirms the willingness to open an account, and completes the personal risk level assessment according to the actual situation;
9. Fill out the questionnaire, then submit the account opening application, and finally receive the account opening completion SMS.

If you want to open an account with low commission, please contact me. Our brand is a high-quality brokerage firm. The commission is extremely low in the industry, and the financing rate is not higher than 5.5%. We look forward to your account opening.

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