Which is the official platform software for foreign exchange speculation

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Which is the official platform software for foreign exchange speculation

Accept answer 1:
Hello, first of all, foreign exchange has not been liberalized in China, so there is no formal platform. It is recommended to directly open an account with a regular international foreign exchange dealer to participate.

The common trading software is basically MT4 developed by Russia. Generally, traders will buy MT4 servers, but they need to open an account and have an account to log in. Moreover, the security of funds depends on whether the foreign exchange dealer you are looking forFormal, it has nothing to do with MT4. Of course, some platforms also have their own trading APP, which can be selected according to individual needs.

There are too many black platforms, how to distinguish them:

1. Do not choose domestic platforms, which are basically private fund distribution platforms, and it is easy to run away without formal supervision;
2. The international platform depends on whether there is an international authoritative financial regulatory license, and the license must be within the validity period;
3. Authoritative regulatory agencies include: British FCA, American NFA, Japanese FSA, Australian ASIC, etc.;
4. Be sure to check whether the URL is a real official website. There are many fake platforms, so be careful;
5. The platform established for 5-10 years is more stable and safe, and the platform for less than 3 years is unstable;
6. Don’t blindly seek cheapness in the final handling fee, because many allocations are very low but not safe, and regular platforms only have spreads;

After finding the platform, log in directly to the official website of the broker, apply for a real/demo account, fill in the personal information and upload the front and back photos of the ID card to submit for review. After passing, you can deposit money on the official website, and finally download the internationally common trading softwareMT4 can watch the market and trade.

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Reminder: Investment is risky, so choose carefully.

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