How to make money other people are on holiday

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Today's transaction volume is another 640 billion, which is another land volume.

Look at the big white horse again today, so the index is green.

The overall mood is also very general. There are 3203 declines, and the daily limit is only more than 30.

It is clear that no one is working.

It is rumored that big institutions are not allowed to sell. Before the 20th meeting, everything was stable.

So if you don't allow it to sell, then naturally they won't buy it either. After all, they don't have the money to adjust the structure to buy it.

In this case, the quantification will follow the shrinkage, so the entire market is more than 600 billion every day.

Under the circumstances, many people chose to take vacations.

If it is normal, I would also choose to rest at this time, because the board is too boring.

However, stocks are against human nature. When most people choose to take vacations, they should be more active at this time.

Because many votes have fallen, the biggest advantage is that they have fallen more.

When it didn't fall a few days ago, or when it was still falling, I chose to wait and see, but it has fallen now, and I personally feel that the short-term problem of the market should not be big.

Then the question is, what to buy?

What can I buy to make money on someone else's vacation?

I still have that point of view. The core of the new technology and the oversold rebound is to find a recognizable variety, and when there are only active funds left in the market, we will gather together to warm up.

Photovoltaic is mainly engaged in photovoltaic slicing, energy storage is mainly engaged in large storage, and The Belt and Road is mainly engaged in western burial and new dead explosives.

Sodium batteries look at the difference between the band and the T.

In addition, you can also pay more attention to the near-end new products, especially those with fundamentals and valuations that are more than ten times or twenty times, superimposed with news catalysts or good news.

Remember, going against human nature is not going against the market. To be a trader who follows the market against human nature is extreme and pure.

Ok, that's it for today.

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