【9.23 Pre-market plan】

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Last night, many teachers predicted that the market would rebound

I said the market should continue to shrink the divergence

I hope it can help some students

Avoid the big face of Baoxin, Zhongtong, and Chuanyi

Tomorrow's view is still the same

Pre-holiday effect + shrinkage + no main line

It will inevitably continue to be weak and volatile

Until there is a high volume panic order

Or heavy volume reversal big Yang line

How to operate the weak market

The core is still position control

It's getting harder and harder to make money

A full warehouse is self-destruction

Want to achieve long-term stable profits

Position control must be the primary core

The bull market is heavy and the bear market is light

Stop and control the retracement in order to move steadily and far

The ladder has been significantly "shrinked"

At this time, playing the board is a gift

The market rotates quickly and is harvested one step later

The most effective way at this time

It is to focus on the core target of the divergence and low suction

For example, why does New Hualian Zhongbai keep exceeding expectations

It's not just two sections that haven't finished yet

More is that there is nowhere for funds to go, only popular stocks

Xinchuang, who had been silent for a few days, was violently pulled again

It's not good, it's just plate rotation

Funds do not want to chase high

So adjust and continue to pull up

TomorrowNantian Information open and cautious

Today, the concept of big plane leading the way has also moved

Then what concept is left untouched

That should be left with industrial machines and robots

So East China Heavy MachineryBroad IntelligenceMOONS etc.

It's important to pay attention, and you have to be brave to breathe underwater

Also, follow the rhythm

Next week is before the National Day

The concept of post-epidemic Q is about to arrive at the shipping node

So, Zhongbai still has to continue to pay attention

Be sure to pull the board before shipping

Continue to suck if there are differences

New Hualian, needless to say, deep water suction

In addition to these, you can continue to mine the previous ones

The concept of low-level popularity such as 5g military industry

There should be rotation

Transaction Technology Don't smoke it tomorrow, it should be adjusted for a few days

Some news about logistics, pay attention to the stable Tianshun

Routine reminders

Continue to control the position

Run if you have meat

Cut the quilt quickly

Keep your account and be patient

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