An investment road from 100,000 dust to 1 million ~ Day 711 (Natural day non-trading day)

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September 21, 2022

Wait for the flowers to bloom and the spring breeze to come.

2021 to date principal: 128,000.

2021 to today's close: 91,900.

Today's record: 320 yuan in blood, +0.35%

I am the most ordinary person. The funds in the stock market are the funds for all activities of the family. There is no unlimited ammunition, and gambling is not allowed.The annual salary is only 10w, and this money also needs to support my wife and children.So there can't be that much money to invest.Only take your time.There is no need to raise the bar for a mouth that earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

ICBCThe boss is worried

Chip ETFs are also scheduled.

————Separation line————

ICBC: 4.32 bought 500Shares, 5 points, then it is about 4.62.It's time to kick out the gargoyle.4.33 bought this month's fixed investment.

Kechuang 50etf: made a0.007 kick.20000 shares, profit 140 yuan

Chip etf: This is a fixed investment fund for children.Now the child is 7 years old and bought her to graduate from college.That is 22 years old.At that time, the money is hers.The scheduled votes for July-August-September have all ended.Since the scheduled investment has ended, then honestly wait for the next month to buy.

Jiufeng Energy: No operation, etc.Going to buy it back at 25.95.

You must not chase high, don't chase.One chase and destroy all!!!!

The market is adjusted, the mud and sand are all down, and the short position is safe.

When I was simulating a real deal with my colleagues, one thing I always said was, I don't move today, and you, I don't move either.In fact, the winning rate is still very high.

Then summed it up.

First. Don't move.Sometimes even a month repeating this sentence, I do not move.

Second. In fact, all trading is based on the closing price.

So, since the simulation can be done, the real market should also be able to.Give it a try.

In the stock market, it's better to be slick.Run to make money.Don't get too confused.

The great gods from all walks of life can come out and give pointers.

The market is still shrinking.continue to fall.Just watch the movie, keep your bullets, and don't be afraid of not being able to buy good things.