Can I trade stocks on the same day I open a mobile account?

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Can I trade stocks on the same day I open a mobile account?

Accepted answer 1:
Hello, you can buy Shenzhen stock on the day of opening a mobile account, and opening an account is free.ID cards and bank cards are prepared in advance. The following are the steps for opening a mobile phone account:

1. Contact the securities account manager to provide a link, prepare your ID card and bank card,
2. Then fill in the corresponding data information in the blank according to the information in the figure below
3. Select the default business department of the securities company and click Next
4. Upload the front and back of the ID card according to the prompt. After the upload is successful, click Next to take a photo for identity verification.
5. Signing a depository bank
6. Open Shanghai stock market, Shenzhen stock market, and you can also tick the fund account,
7. Risk assessment

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