Which brokerage should I choose to open a government bond account?

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Which brokerage should I choose to open a government bond account?

Accepted answer 1:
Hello, to buy government bonds, we recommend choosing a large securities company to open an account. Huatai Securities, CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan, Great Wall Securities, and China Merchants Securities are all domestic first-class securities companies. You can choose one of them to open an account. We suggest that we choose to apply online.Opening an account is relatively quick, and the steps are as follows:

1. Select the securities company to open an account
2. Fill in the phone number and verification code
3. Sign the account opening risk agreement and select the business department where you open the account yourself.
4. Upload ID photo
5. Start filling in your personal information
6. Video recording
7. Bank card binding
8. Do a risk assessment test, it's all multiple choice questions

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