Can I open an account in Wemiao? Is Wemiao's stock account formal?

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Can I open an account at Weimiao? Is Weimiao's stock account legitimate?

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Hello, I am glad to answer your questions.If you want to increase your income through financial management, or use it as your main income, it is recommended that you choose your financial management method carefully to avoid being deceived.
Weimiao is a finance and business school. What we have learned is theoretical knowledge, mainly training basic theoretical courses for some Xiaobai, but this kind of live learning is not particularly helpful for financial management practice. If you want to make financial adviceYou directly open a securities account with a brokerage. The relatively good companies in the market include CICC, Huatai, Guoxin, Guotai Junan, Great Wall, Anxin, CITIC, China Merchants and other large companies."Now the account opening is free, and if you contact the account manager before opening the account, you can also enjoy the VIP rate for commission, and the direct account manager will serve you one-on-one in the later period. If you need to open a stock account, you can contact me, a domestic listed brokerageWe will serve you wholeheartedly and meet your various needs. The industry's ultra-low commission will be given to you! Open an account with me so that you can invest less detours!