How to reduce transaction fees in stock trading?

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How to reduce transaction fees for stock trading?

Accepted answer 1:
Hello, you can contact the customer service of your own account first to see if it can be lowered. Of course, this situation is generally more difficult, because you will be asked some things, such as increasing the amount of funds, increasing the frequency of transactions, etc.!

1. Contact the customer service staff of your brokerage directly for commission negotiation, but this method is relatively difficult.
2. Increase transaction funds. The more funds you get, the better the service you can get, and it is more valued by securities companies.
3. Increase the frequency of transactions, because the more transactions, the more the brokers earn. In order to retain customers, they are willing to reduce commissions.
4. It is actually the most efficient way to directly change brokers. Of course, you should pay attention to the new account opening channel and contact the online account manager, because they belong to the channel of the online gold department, and they have more room for preferential treatment., If you are lucky, you can open a VIP account for free!

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