How to open an account for stock trading? What are the conditions?

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How to open an account for stock trading? What are the conditions

Accepted answer 1:
Hello, the conditions that need to be met to open a stock trading account are that you are at least 18 years old. You can open a stock trading account online now. The detailed account opening steps are as follows:
1. Mobile phone verification code login to open an account.Enter 6-digit verification code
2. Upload documents.The front side of the ID card is taken or uploaded through the photo album that has been taken, and the reverse side is the same.
3. Information complement and complete.In the information, including work, address, telephone, income, etc. need to be filled in completely
4. Video.One-way recording or two-way need to confirm with the staff online video
5. Account Settings.Set up the opened Shanghai and Shenzhen accounts
6. Test.Multiple choice questions do not affect account opening, you can choose according to your actual situation
7. Bind the card.Binding is a personal bank card with the same name, you need to enter the full 19-digit bank card number

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