How much does Xiaobai need to open a securities account

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How much does Xiaobai need to open a securities account

Accepted answer 1:
Hello, Xiaobai does not need money to open a securities account. It is free to open an account. The opening of a securities account is supported online. The specific account opening steps are as follows:
1. First enter the online account opening interface through the securities official website
2. Click on the right to open an account now to open a stock account, and then enter the mobile phone number to obtain the verification code to enter the official account opening.
3. Upload the pre-prepared avatar photo and the front and back photos of the ID card. The size should not exceed 5MB. The avatar photo must not be an ID photo.There can be no reflections.
4. The system will automatically identify the information and correct any errors found.
5. Have a video witness with the witnesses and answer a few questions to verify the information.
6. Select the opened shareholder account and sign the relevant agreement.In this step, the agreement needs to be read carefully and signed.
7. Set transaction password and fund password, this password is very important and must be remembered.
8. Select the third-party depository bank and enter the bank card number and bank card password.
9. Banks supported by third-party depository can refer to the FAQ in the upper right corner of the system.
10. Complete the risk assessment and return visit questionnaire
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