How to apply for a securities account on a mobile phone?

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How to apply for a securities account on a mobile phone?

Accepted answer 1:
Hello, the steps to apply for a securities account on a mobile phone are very simple. This method of opening an account has no time and geographical restrictions, and the account opening procedures can be completed at home.Let me take the online mobile phone account opening as an example to introduce you to the process of opening a stock account:

First, click the account opening link given by the account manager of the brokerage, and follow the prompts to enter the mobile phone number and verification code;
Second, upload the front and back information of the ID card, and then confirm whether the identity information is complete and correct;
Third, online video verification with the staff of the brokerage, remember to speak Mandarin when reading the account opening instructions;
Fourth, set a password and a three-party bank escrow account, it is best to use the bank card of the four major banks;
Fifth, complete the risk assessment online and submit the account opening application.

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