Which securities are good for stock trading? What personal information is required for stock trading account opening

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Which securities are good for stock trading ? What personal information is needed to open a stock trading account

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Hello! , I'm glad to answer , Which securities are good for stock trading ? It is suggested that it is safe and reliable to open an account on the top domestic large securities merchants' websites , The trading software system of large securities companies is more perfect , More forward , So it's faster to choose big securities companies to do trading on the Internet , More secure . for example : CICC wealth securities , Oriental wealth , Huatai securities , Great Wall Securities , Anxin securities , Galaxy Securities, etc . There are also some good third-party software , for example : flush , Communication , Great wisdom and so on .

I need my ID card and bank card to open an account , The age requirement is over 18 years old , Under 70 , But because the transaction fees charged by each securities company are different , So I suggest you find an account manager before opening a stock account , Open an account through the exclusive QR code of the account manager , Can help you open an account , You can also adjust the commission later , Welcome to contact us !

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