How long does it take to open a futures account? When can I trade?

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How long does it take to open a futures account ? When can I trade ?

Take the answer 1:

One 、 Domestic futures account opening is generally 15 minutes , First, go to the offline business department , Second, handle online , Relatively convenient and simple . After you complete the futures account opening on the same day , You can receive the transaction code on the second trading day ; If the account is opened before 1 p.m , You can get the futures trading code before three o'clock , Then the night trading of the day can be traded directly .

Two 、 The futures account opening process is as follows :
1. Download the account opening of futures company app, Sign in and register with your mobile number
2. Read and agree to the futures business agreement , Take ID photos 、 Hand signed photos
3. Fill in personal details 、 Futures company information , Take bank card information
4. Complete appropriateness evaluation , Manual video audit , Submit account opening application and wait for account opening
5. The bank card is associated with the futures account , After the account is opened successfully T+1 You can log in to your account for cash transactions

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