How to open an account for regular futures trading?

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How to open a regular futures trading account ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello , Regular futures companies can open accounts online , Efficient and simple .
Account opening requirements ; Over the age of 18 One year old , No bad credit record
Account opening preparation materials : Id card , Bank cards and personal handwritten signature photos

The futures account opening process is as follows :
1、 The age for opening an account is 18 One year old , Download account opening futures companies through mobile phones App
2、 Log in to the futures account opening software , Click to open an account , Mobile phone number registration login
3、 Upload the front and back of ID card , And signature photos, etc , Fill in the basic personal information in detail
4、 Conduct general risk assessment , Satisfy C3 The above is enough
5、 And the staff of account opening post , Is it true that I opened an account
6、 sign an agreement ( Click agree after reading )
7、 Wait for review after submitting the data
8、 After the futures account is issued , Then we can carry out silver period correlation , Deposit transaction

I hope the above answers are helpful to you , Other questions are also welcome to come for consultation and detailed introduction !

Opening a futures account seems simple , But each futures company can provide different services and service charges , And many of them have a certain capital threshold before they can give preferential treatment , in addition , If you don't know the handling charges of futures trading , It is also very easy to drive to a high rate , For example, some investors directly on the official website or Dongfang fortune , Wenhua Finance , Flush and other three-party software directly open , The handling fee is generally charged by default , It's higher than the price , There are also two parts of the service charge, namely, the exchange charge and the futures company charge , Some investors don't know , Easy to get into the pit .

Welcome to add my friend when opening an account with an old domestic futures company , I'll give you a detailed introduction to the handling charge , And send you the service charge form , Transparent trading , Preferential transparent Futures Commission , Provide independence CTP Trading channel , Meet low-cost operation , I wish you every success in your investment .

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