How much is the handling charge for lead 2207? How much margin is required to do first hand?

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lead 2207 How much is the first-hand handling fee ? How much deposit does it take to do it first ?

Take the answer 1:
The handling fee for lead futures stipulated by Shanghai Futures Exchange is charged by the proportional value , Need to compute , Service Charge = Clinch a deal amount * Service charge
lead 2207 The transaction handling rate is 0.004%, The handling rate for closing this warehouse is 0%
At the latest price , The first-hand unilateral handling fee is 3.04 element , The handling charge for the current warehouse is 0.0 element .( Exchange standard )
lead 2207 What is the margin rate 14.0%, The funds needed for the transaction are 10700 yuan .

The average handling charge of lead futures is exempted by the exchange , If you can contact the customer manager in advance to negotiate the free transaction , In this way, intra day transactions only need to pay unilateral handling fees . in addition , Account opening advance appointment Account Manager , You can negotiate some of the additional handling charges charged by the futures company , Apply for a low fee account opening .

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