What is the specific process of applying for new bonds

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What is new bond subscription The specific process of making new debt

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Hello! , Subscription of new bonds means subscription of newly issued bond fund products . Generally, when bond fund products are just issued , The issuing prices are relatively low , At this time, investors apply for newly issued bonds, which is called playing new bonds , The specific procedures for issuing new bonds and opening accounts are as follows
Stock account opening process :
1. Contact our broker account manager online to get the QR code of online securities account opening ;
2. Download the account opening of securities companies in the application market APP;
3. Register and log in , Improve personal account information ;
4. Then click account opening on the home page ;
5. According to the system requirements , Provide a valid personal ID card 、 Bank card information ;
6. Ensure that the information is submitted correctly , Complete account opening , Will receive a text message on the next working day , Inform the fund account and other information
New debt transaction process : Click home -- Business management -- Convertible bond authority -- Enter transaction management -- Click the new bond to apply for new shares -- Select Xinzhai for subscription -- Select the Xinzhai you want to purchase -- Click purchase
If there are other questions , You can contact me one-on-one , Our company can provide low commission stock account opening , Head securities companies welcome your consultation

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