How to open an account to buy shares

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How to open an account and buy stocks , How to open an account

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , You can prepare your ID card and bank card for stock account opening , Go to your local securities company to find counter personnel to handle , You can also download securities companies APP Do it yourself .
Process :
1、 Open the link, input the mobile phone number, obtain the verification code and register
2、 Fill in the name 、 ID number and other ID card information , Upload photos of the front and back of your ID card .
3、 record video ,
4、 Signing of tripartite deposit agreement , Select a bank with your bank card for tripartite deposit of funds , Facilitate future transactions .
5、 Online answer , Mainly for risk assessment
6、 Submit account opening application for approval

Opening an account with me is to save you costs , No threshold, low commission to you , If you need to contact me for one-on-one guidance on account opening and service !

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