What is the subscription of new bonds? Is there any risk? The specific process of making new bonds

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What is new bond subscription , Is there a risk The specific process of making new debt

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Hello! , Playing new bonds means subscribing to the newly issued bond fund products . Generally, when bond fund products are just issued , The issuing prices are relatively low , At this time, investors apply for newly issued bonds, which is called playing new bonds , There is basically no risk in issuing new bonds , There is no market value requirement for new bonds , But the success rate of new bonds is relatively low . You need to apply for a stock account to make new bonds , After the account opening is approved, log in to the securities firm's APP, We should first open the trading authority of convertible bonds , Then it can be used normally on the second trading day , If there are new debts, you can participate in the subscription .
Before opening a mobile stock account , Prepare the account opening materials in advance : My valid ID card 、 Bank debit card . The following is the specific process :
① Contact the account manager of our securities company online to get the QR code of opening an account ;
② open App, Enter the mobile phone number to get the verification code , Enter the account opening page ;
③ Input and improve personal basic data , Take and upload the front and back photos of ID card ;
④ Select the shareholder account to be opened ;
⑤ Video witness , Just answer a few questions truthfully ;
⑥ Select a third-party depository bank , Sign electronic agreement , Bind a bank card ;
⑦ Download and install digital certificate , Ensure the safety of account opening ;
⑧ Set up 6 Digit transaction password and capital password
⑨ Risk testing , Finally, submit the account opening process for review .
If there are other problems that cannot be solved , Feel free to contact , We are a high-quality securities firm and will serve you wholeheartedly , At the same time, the cost Commission will be given to you !

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