How does Lishui futures company open an account? Which futures company has a relatively low commission for futures and is suitable for novices to open an account?

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How does Lishui futures company open an account , Which futures company has a lower Futures Commission , Suitable for novice account opening ?

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Hello! , Lishui futures account should be opened at the end of the year 18 You can apply for an account when you are one year old . Now, futures account opening can be handled through offline business outlets , You can also open an account online through your mobile phone or computer , With the popularization of the Internet , Now most people choose to open accounts online , Relatively more convenient , At the same time, there are many options , At home 150 Futures companies can choose .

Futures online account opening process
1、 material : Id card 、 Bank card , Hand signed photos
2、 Conditions :20 One year old , No bad credit record
3、 Download futures account opening APP, Click online to open an account
4、 Upload perfect materials , Read the agreement
5、 Make sure the network is clear , Do video verification
6、 After the account is opened successfully, the bank period is associated
7、 You can trade at the earliest night of the day

For the Futures Commission, all futures companies can lower it , Different futures companies have different adjustment standards , There is no distinction between high and low . Part of the Commission of our futures trading company is to the exchange , This is fixed , Another part is collected by futures companies , This is floating , You can add a few cents, a few cents, a few dollars , It can also be several times that of the exchange , It's not fixed , We can adjust it through the account manager before opening an account .

Opening a futures account is the first step in our futures trading , Choose a good futures company , Good information can also make us better grasp the direction , Preferential handling charges can also save us a lot of money in the long run , If you are ready to open an account , You can contact me directly , Give you the most satisfactory discount

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