How much commission are there for futures? Are they the same? Can you open an account directly?

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How much is the handling charge for futures , Are they all the same , Can I open an account directly ?

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Hello! , Futures Commission is different , Different futures varieties . The handling charges are also different , Before you open an account, you can find an account manager , After consulting the service charge in detail , Then open an account , If you open an account directly , Handling fee default , It's a relatively high cost , It is recommended to find an account manager , Negotiate , Then open an account , cost reduction , Conducive to trading , Remember to prepare your ID card , Bank card , Hand signed photos

The handling charges for futures are as follows , We can send you a complete and transparent fee form , No routine .
Charge at a fixed price : for example : First hand corn 1.2 element , Methanol first hand 2 element , The main 3 element 、 Nickel first hand 3 element ......
2、 Charge on a pro rata basis : for example : Of fuel oil turnover 0,5%%(2360*10*0,5%%=1.2 element )......
3、 Some varieties will be more expensive today : Such as : Live pig 、 Iron ore 、 Coking coal, coke 、 Apple 、 methanol 、 Coking coal ......

Online account opening process :
1: Download the futures company APP, Mobile number registration ( Common mobile phone number )
2: according to APP Prompt to upload ID card , Signature photo
3: Follow the steps to fill in your personal information ( Full name of address )
4: Upload bank card .( The side of the bank with card number )
5: Risk tolerance questionnaire
6; Waiting for video authentication review
7: After the account is issued, the bank will sign the deposit

As a senior futures Consultant , Solve the difficult and complicated problems in the futures market , It's my duty , If you need to open a domestic old futures account , You can contact me directly via wechat , Handling fee discount !!

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