What is the minimum commission for opening an account for a securities firm?

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What is the minimum commission for opening an account for a securities firm ?

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Hello , I'm glad to answer for you , The default Commission for opening an account of each securities firm is 10000 yuan 3 about , Want to open a low commission account , It is recommended to contact the customer manager to apply for the exclusive account opening QR code before opening an account , Scan the code to open an account , The exclusive account manager will also give you one-to-one guidance in the process of opening an account . The process reference is as follows :

1. First, scan the account opening through the customer manager's exclusive account opening QR code ’
2. Click to open a stock account immediately , Then enter the mobile phone number to obtain the verification code to enter the official account opening ’
3. Upload prepared avatar photos and ID card front and back photos ’
4. The system will automatically identify the information , Correct the mistakes in time ’
5. Video witness with witnesses , Answer the questions and verify the information ’
6. Select the shareholder account to open , Sign relevant agreements . The agreement needs to be read carefully and signed with a tick ’
7. Set transaction password and fund password ’
8 Submit an account opening application , Waiting for a follow-up call .

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