How much is the handling charge for PP futures

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pp How much is the handling charge for futures

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , In fact, as long as the domestic futures is a regular futures company, the handling fees are preferential , This is mainly to negotiate with the account manager before opening an account , Big

Some of them can be discounted . However, it should be noted that domestic formal futures companies have 149 home , In addition to the service charge, we should also consider the advantages of other aspects .

The trading code of polypropylene futures is PP, So we also call it PP futures . In trade PP Futures will incur a very important cost , That is the Futures Commission , Let's take a look at PP How to calculate the handling charge of Futures .
The exchange limits the minimum handling fee for each futures variety , On this basis, the futures company will make additional charges , in other words , Investors must pay the minimum commission of the exchange when trading , However, the futures company can communicate and adjust with the account manager before opening an account , So as to reduce the handling fee cost .

So before the deal , It is necessary to understand the handling fee standard of the exchange , How much is the handling charge for polypropylene futures ? Dalian Commodity Exchange PP The Commission of futures is charged according to the fixed number of hands 1 Yuan per hand .

PP Futures are ordinary commodity futures , Opening an account is free , No capital requirements and geographical restrictions , As long as you are old 18 One year old , With domestic ID card and bank card, you can handle . Open an account online via mobile phone , Never leave home 15 You can finish it in about minutes , Very convenient and fast .

Futures account opening process :

1. Mobile download futures account opening APP Register login

2. Click online business - Open a futures account

3. Upload front and back photos and signature photos of ID card

4. Fill in the basic personal information and associate it with the bank card

5. Choose the type of investor , Complete the appropriateness Risk Assessment Questionnaire

6. Enter the video verification link

7. Install digital certificate , sign an agreement , Complete the online return visit and submit the application

8. After the account is opened, it will be associated with the bank period by itself , The second trading day is the normal trading day

Open an account and contact me , I wish you a happy life

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