Skills for new debt payment pithy formula specific procedures for new debt payment

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New debt skills pithy formula The specific process of making new debt

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , The best time period for new debt is :10:31-11:30, as well as 14:31-15:00 The winning rate of subscription in the two time periods will be relatively high , You need to apply for a stock account to make new bonds .
The general process is as follows: :
1. Contact our broker account manager online to apply for QR code processing ;
2. Enter the phone number and verification code ;
3. ID card image upload and business department selection ;
4. Fill in basic user information ;
5. Video authentication ;
6. Install digital certificate ;
7. Set fund password 、 Transaction code ;
9. Third party depository bank : Choose a bank ;
10. Follow the prompts for risk assessment ;
11. Check the information .
New debt transaction process : Click home -- Business management -- Convertible bond authority -- Enter transaction management -- Click the new bond to apply for new shares -- Select Xinzhai for subscription -- Select the Xinzhai you want to purchase -- Click purchase
If you want to open a low commission or a new debt account, please feel free to contact me , Our head brokerage company can give you a low commission rate ! One to one service for you !

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