What are the conditions and procedures for opening an account for CSC futures?

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What are the conditions and procedures for opening an account for CSC futures ?

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Hello! , CITIC futures is easy to open an account , Over the age of 18 One year old , Prepare your ID card when opening an account , Bank card , mobile phone , Hand signed photos , It's easy to open an account ,15 It will open in about minutes ,( I suggest opening a futures account. You can choose a company with low handling fee and flexible margin adjustment according to your own situation ) The handling charges of each futures company are different , Some futures companies charge relatively high , Before opening an account, you need to know clearly .

Futures account opening process ;
1、 Associate futures manager , Prepare ID card , Bank card
2、 Open an account through futures cloud software or download futures app, Prepare a common mobile phone number
3、 Registration information
4、 Upload documents . Choose the business department of futures company
5、 Video follow-up with the customer service staff of the futures company
6、 Waiting for review
7、 After passing the review, the bank will sign the contract , The fastest way to open an account is to trade on that night

Now it's easy to open a futures account , But find reliable futures companies and standard futures handling fees , It's not that easy , You can click the avatar to add my friends , I'll give you a detailed introduction to the options of futures companies with low handling charges , Provide independence ctp Trading system and preferential rates , Meet low-cost operation , I wish you every success in your investment !

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