Why is the handling fee so expensive for opening an account on Hexun futures app and how to reduce the handling fee for futures?

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Hexun futures APP Open an account on , Why is the service charge so expensive , How to reduce the handling fee of Futures ?

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Hello , The composition of the handling fee is as follows , The transaction fee that traders need to pay is divided into two parts , Transaction fees + Handling charges of futures companies , The exchange fee is equivalent to the stamp duty in the stock market , Fixed charge cannot be changed , Futures companies will charge a certain service fee on the exchange , If your service charge is too expensive , Maybe the service charge is too much , This part of the handling fee needs to be adjusted through negotiation by the futures manager , This can help you adjust and reduce

List of futures handling charges ( Limited space , The complete form can be sent to you via wechat ):
1、 Charge on a pro rata basis , Usually a few thousandths , For example, ten thousandths of silver 0.5; Rebar is extremely 1; Pigs are extremely rare 4, Calculated according to the opening price
2、 At a fixed rate , It's usually fixed from a few yuan to tens of yuan , Not calculated at current prices , for example : corn 1.2 element , aluminum 3 element , Rape oil 6 element , Soda ash 3.5 element , gold 10 element , Japonica rice 3 element , Red jujube 2 element

Click on the avatar to contact me , We can send you the detailed service charge standard , And greatly reduce the handling rate for you , Provide you with professional account opening guidance , Any problems encountered in futures trading can also be solved for you at the first time , Please feel free to consult , I wish you an ideal return in the futures market

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