How to open an account with ultra-low Commission for securities companies? Can I apply online

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How to open an account with ultra-low Commission for securities companies ? Can I apply online

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Hello! , I'm glad to answer , When a securities firm opens a low commission account, it can contact the account manager on the mobile phone to help us apply for it , The account manager has the QR code of low commission account opening of securities companies , The Commission for code scanning account opening is relatively low , And the online account manager will also provide us with long-term and efficient high-quality services . The specific process is as follows: :

First of all , Contact the account manager in advance to open an account QR code , Click the link and enter your mobile number , Enter verification code ;
second , Upload the front and back photos of the second generation ID card , The ID card should be straightened , The light should not be too dark , The system will automatically identify the ID card information ;
Third , Online video verification , Make sure it is the stock account opened voluntarily ;
Fourth , Set transaction password and third-party custody bank ;
The fifth , Complete the risk assessment questionnaire online and submit the account opening application .

At the same time, it supports flush 、 Access platform, etc , I hope my professional answer can help you , Contact me if you have any questions , Wechat phone is always online !

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