The requirements and expenses for opening a stock account

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The requirements and expenses for opening a stock account will be sent

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Hello! , The requirement for stock account opening is that the investor himself should be at least 18 One year old with full civil capacity , Stock account opening is free , There's no cost , Just prepare your ID card and bank card , You can open an account online .
Account opening process :
1、 Contact the account manager online and click the link sent by the account manager , Click to open an account
2、 Upload photos of the front and back of your ID card
3、 Fill in your occupation , company , The address is accurate to the house number
4、 Bidirectional video verification ,
5、 Conduct risk testing , It can be concluded that the individual's awareness and degree of investment risk
6、 Submit an account opening application for approval
7、 Answer the phone and pay a return visit

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