What are the requirements for new bonds? Specific procedures for new bonds

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What are the requirements for new bonds The specific process of making new debt

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Hello! , There are no requirements for new debt , As long as the securities account is opened , That is, just have a stock account , After the account opening is approved, log in to the securities firm's APP, We should first open the trading authority of convertible bonds , Then it can be used normally on the second trading day , If there are new debts, you can participate in the subscription .
The specific account opening process is as follows
1. Contact our manager online to get the account opening link or scan the account opening QR code
2、 Enter the account opening application interface , Click on the “ Apply to open an account ” Button ;
3、 Enter your phone number , Click below to get the verification code , Fill in the corresponding box on the left ;
4、 Select the sales department and click to enter the next step , Take photos with your ID card and fill in the relevant ID information ;
5、 Click to submit relevant identity information , Click... After checking “ Confirmation information ” Button ;
6、 Sign three account opening agreements and risk prompt confirmation , Then click next ;
7、 Enter the risk evaluation stage , Submit the evaluation after completion ;
8、 Choose a third party bank , Enter the card number binding and confirm ;
9、 record video , Keep the head up camera
10、 Set the password , Click to confirm activation , You can open an account .
New debt transaction process : Click home -- Business management -- Convertible bond authority -- Enter transaction management -- Click the new bond to apply for new shares -- Select Xinzhai for subscription -- Select the Xinzhai you want to purchase -- Click purchase

That's my answer , If you want to apply for an account, you can contact me online to apply for a low commission account , No threshold requirements , Provide you with one-to-one service

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