How to open an account for Huainan fried futures? Which futures company has a relatively low commission for futures, which is suitable for novices to open an account?

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How to open an account for Huainan fried futures , Which futures company has a lower Futures Commission , Suitable for novice account opening ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , Huainan wants to open a futures account , It can be handled online , Now online account opening is the mainstream way of futures account opening , Online account opening is reliable , Opening an account online may be the most worrying way for everyone , Because there will be many portals through online search for futures accounts , I don't know which one is a formal trading platform , Which one is a trap . But the final account opening still needs to be received from the futures company , Therefore, as long as the futures companies can be found in the medium-term agreement, there is no problem .

Account opening process :
1. Over the age of 18 One year old , No bad credit record 、 Non futures practitioners 、 Personnel of non organs and units .
2. Prepare ID card + Bank card + Hand signed photos ( Sign in black ink ).
3. Download futures company app、 Registration certification
4. Upload the front and back of ID card 、 Signature photo 、 Risk testing .
5. Upload bank card 、 Video authentication 、 Risk assessment , Wait for SMS to inform the account .
6. Next account bank signing , The account cannot be traded on the next day , It can be traded at night or the next day .

For the Futures Commission, all futures companies can lower it , Different futures companies have different adjustment standards , There is no distinction between high and low . Part of the Commission of our futures trading company is to the exchange , This is fixed , Another part is collected by futures companies , This is floating , You can add a few cents, a few cents, a few dollars , It can also be several times that of the exchange , It's not fixed , We can adjust it through the account manager before opening an account .

Opening a futures account is the first step in our futures trading , Choose a good futures company , Good information can also make us better grasp the direction , Preferential handling charges can also save us a lot of money in the long run , If you are ready to open an account , You can contact me directly , Give you the most satisfactory discount

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