How to calculate the handling charge of futures rebar

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How to calculate the handling charge of futures deformed steel bar

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , In fact, as long as the domestic futures is a regular futures company, the handling fees are preferential , This is mainly to negotiate with the account manager before opening an account , Big

Some of them can be discounted . However, it should be noted that domestic formal futures companies have 149 home , In addition to the service charge, we should also consider the advantages of other aspects .

No matter the service charge or the deposit is not invariable , Floating. , More or less , Need to negotiate with account manager , So when opening an account, we usually contact the customer manager to help apply for it , The main focus is to answer about the collection of handling charges , Service charge is also a matter of concern to retail investors , At present, there are two ways to collect Futures Commission :

1、 Fixed value charge , For example, the service charge for soybean meal is 1.5 Yuan per hand, free of charge for closing positions on the same day , So no matter what the price of soybean meal is , The handling charge for your transaction is 1.5 element .
2、 The variety that collects service charge in proportion , The handling charge has something to do with the price , Floating. , Deal at different prices , The handling charge is different , For example, silver futures , It's ten thousandths of the contract value 0.5 Charge a commission , The formula is price × Contract size × The proportion of handling fee . For example, the topic of rebar futures , It is also a proportional value charge , This needs to be calculated according to the handling fee formula

I hope the above answers are helpful to you , If you want to open an account , It is suggested to choose a regular and reliable futures company , I still have to find a professional one that I like , Now many futures companies can talk about the handling fees , There are also many futures companies that seem to have attractive conditions , But that's not the case , Low handling charges. Most companies have to have a certain threshold of capital requirements , The handling fees need to be negotiated with the futures manager , Here we can send you the transaction fee table for reference , Give you enough sincerity .

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