How much is the handling charge for Cathay Pacific futures? Who should I open an account with?

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How much is Cathay Pacific Futures Commission , Who should I open an account with ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , Cathay Pacific Futures Commission is composed of exchanges and futures companies , Different futures varieties , The handling charges are also different , Futures companies can be adjusted , Contact an account manager before you open an account , Apply for adjustment , You can open an account , When opening an account, remember to prepare your ID card , Bank card , Hand signed photos

At present, there are two ways to collect futures commission fees :
1, Count by hand : That is, how much is the first-hand handling fee , And the handling charges of products are charged at a fixed price according to the regulations of the exchange , for example : Zheng Shangsuo's apple 、 cotton , The gold in the last issue 、 aluminum , The national debt of CICC , Yellow soybeans from Dashang 1 No. and so on, some products are like this , Its calculation formula is :N Handling fee of a certain futures = Fixed handling fee × Hand count .

2, Calculated in proportion to the transaction amount : Its service charge rate is usually a few thousandths , The specific calculation formula is :N Handling fee of a certain futures = Open up / Closing price × Trading unit ( Contract multiplier )× Service charge rate × Hand count . The products traded in the future include iron ore like that of big traders 、 Zheng Shang's eggs 、 Petroleum asphalt and other products in the previous period . Take iron ore for example , The handling charge rate of iron ore is ten thousandth of 0.6, The trading unit is 100 Tons of / hand , At present, the latest opening price is 611.5 element . The handling charge for first-hand iron ore is :611.5×100×0.00006×1=3.669.

Give you a simple example of the futures account opening process :
1, Get your ID ready , Bank savings card , Handwritten signature ( It needs white paper and black pen to fill in )
2, Download futures company app Or register in the account cloud
3, Upload ID card ( Opposite side , No trimming , Do not reflect light ) Bank card ( Single side , Front of bank card )
4, Fill in personal data ( Please fill in according to the actual situation )
5, Risk assessment ( achieve C3 that will do , Of course C4 Better ) Read the agreement carefully and agree
6, Connect video authentication ( Keep the network smooth , Tablet video is not supported )
7, Wait patiently for the audit , Send futures account by SMS
8, After the approval, the bank can sign the contract ( Mobile phone contract or bank business office contract )
9, After signing the contract, you can try to enter the fund and trade happily

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