Nanjing futures company? Find the futures manager

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Nanjing futures company opens an account ? Find a futures manager

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Hello! , Nanjing do futures , Online processing , You can order my avatar to open an account , Futures account opening is relatively simple and convenient , Online processing , Download futures company APP You can open a futures account in more than ten minutes , Normal opening of ordinary commodity futures , You can do most products such as gold futures , Account opening needs to meet 18--70 No bad credit record at the age of , Before opening an account, you can find a responsible futures manager to assist in the account opening process , The account opening process is as follows :

1、 Download futures company APP, Appointment futures Advisor
2、 Id card , Bank card and other information
3、 Upload submit , Wait for video verification
4、1 Next business day account , Bank signing , Into gold

Pay attention to the , Account opening needs to be handled within the time of account opening ( morning 9 Point to the afternoon 18), The silver contract needs to be signed in the morning 9 Point to 15:30 Go through before , Most banks will not be able to handle the signing of the banking period after this period of time, so as not to affect the subsequent transactions .

I hope it will help you , If you want to know more , There is a guide on the futures road , You can click avatar to add my friends to learn more about , Give you professional answers , Sincere service , I wish you every success in your investment , It's full of revenue

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