Age of securities account opening formalities required for account opening

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Opening age of securities account Handle the procedures required for opening an account

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Hello! , The age of opening a securities account needs to be 18 From one year old to 69 One year old , You can apply for account opening through mobile phone and online ( You need to have your ID card ready 、 Bank card ), It's easy to finish in a few minutes
Online account opening process :, First, contact the manager of our securities firm to ask for the QR code for opening an account , You also need to have your ID card and bank card in hand , After downloading, enter your mobile number and verification code , ID card image upload and business department selection , Fill in basic user information , Video authentication , Install digital certificate , Set fund password 、 Transaction code , Third party depository bank : Choose a bank , Follow the prompts for risk assessment , Just check the information , Basically, it can be done in about ten minutes , Very easy , Now basically, new shareholders choose to open their accounts by mobile phone .
If you want to open a low commission account, you can contact me , Our commission is very favorable , Can be as low as cost , Opening an account with me can save you a lot of handling charges !

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