Service charge for rebar of futures company

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Service charge for rebar of futures company

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The exchange has certain handling fee standards for futures of different commodities , But there is no provision on the handling fee charged for Futures . Handling charges for futures accounts = Handling charges of the exchange + commission . The handling fee charged by the exchange shall be charged by the exchange , Unified exchange setting , The Commission is charged by the futures company . The difference in our service charge level is due to the difference in commission level . Therefore, the handling fee should be negotiated with the futures manager .

The handling fee of rebar futures is charged in proportion , It is charged according to a few tenths of the transaction amount , for instance :
For example, the current rebar futures price is 4900, The proportion of handling fee :1%%( cost ), So the first-hand rebar futures commission opening is to 4.9 yuan , This is only the handling charge for opening the position , Because most futures are charged bilaterally , Rebar is also bilateral , So the first hand thread should be leveled 9 yuan .

And the cost of each contract is different , For example, closing positions within a day ,, If it's a daily average, it's more expensive today , The general main contract is 3%%, That is to say, we need 14 About yuan .

How much is the first-hand rebar futures ? It is also relatively simple .
According to the calculation formula of futures margin :N The amount of guarantee occupied by a futures contract = Settlement price of the day × Trading unit ( Contract multiplier )× Futures margin rate ×N hand , It is assumed that the margin ratio of deformed steel bar is 9%,( Generally, after the actual account opening, the charging proportion of each major futures company is slightly higher than this value , Used to control risks )=4900x10x9%=4410 element

The main procedures of futures speculation are as follows :

1. Id card , Bank card , Pen and paper ready
2. Download futures account on mobile phone app( Wireless network can be used if possible )
3. Enter software , Upload the certificate according to the process . Mobile phone number registration
4. Fill in the risk investigation report
5. Video with customer service staff

I hope the above answers are helpful to you , It has been an old futures company for many years , Large scale , Long established , They have strength and profound qualifications , And I am engaged in futures industry

For many years , Experienced and capable in futures market , Experienced , Professionally speaking, you can rest assured , Looking forward to becoming a good teacher in the futures market

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