How much is the handling charge for styrene 2207? How much margin is required to do first hand?

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styrene 2207 How much is the first-hand handling fee ? How much deposit does it take to do it first ?

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The handling charge for styrene futures stipulated by Dalian Commodity Futures Exchange is fixed , No special calculation is required , Multiply the number of transactions by the handling fee of each transaction .
styrene 2207 The transaction fee is 3.0 Yuan Yishou , Pingjincang is 3.0 Yuan Yishou .( Exchange standard )
styrene 2207 What is the margin rate 12.0%, The funds needed for the transaction are 6200 yuan .

There is no capital requirement for styrene futures account opening , Age 18-65 Between the ages of , You can open an account online without bad faith . Generally, if you download the software of the futures company to open an account , The handling fee charged by futures companies is a fixed standard 、 High handling charges , If you contact the account manager , You can adjust the additional handling fee charged by the futures company according to your trading frequency and capital volume , Apply for a low fee account opening .

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