Will there be a loss in the lottery of new bonds? Specific procedures for making new bonds

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Will the new bonds lose money after winning the lottery The specific process of making new debt

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Hello! , There is also a risk of breaking new bonds if they win the lottery , But the risk is very low , The advantage of new debt is that it can earn a certain income with less risk , This determines that most investors can make money . The specific account opening and operation procedures for new bonds are as follows
There are two ways to open a stock account :
1. Offline account opening : We should first choose a securities company and then bring your personal ID and bank card ( Bank card must be a kind of card ) Go to the securities company to open an account with your mobile phone
2. Open an online account : Now online account opening is very convenient , To open an account on the Internet, we need to prepare our ID card and bank card, and then contact our securities firm to ask for the QR code for opening an account, and then download the company's trading software , Fill in the information , Set the password , Complete the follow-up questionnaire and submit the materials , After the audit, there will be a short message notification, and then a three-party risk assessment will be established . After all the steps , You can open a stock account .
New debt transaction process : Click home -- Business management -- Convertible bond authority -- Enter transaction management -- Click the new bond to apply for new shares -- Select Xinzhai for subscription -- Select the Xinzhai you want to purchase -- Click purchase
If you have any transaction questions, please feel free to contact me , Our head securities firm will serve you wholeheartedly , Meet your needs , Open an account with me so that you can invest less detours !

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