Who knows how futures companies charge handling fees?

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Futures companies charge handling fees , How to collect it , Who knows ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , Futures companies charge handling fees , If you open an account directly on the official website by default , Probably high , You can contact an account manager before opening an account , Apply for adjustment , You can open an account .

There are two ways to collect futures commission fees :
1、 In proportion to the turnover ( A few ten thousandths ), It changes with the change of disk price , for example , The handling charge of silver futures is of the transaction amount 0.5%%, Handling charges for first-hand silver Futures =4900*15*0.5%%=3.6 element .
2、 Charge at a fixed price , Do not fluctuate with the disk price , for example : Methanol is 3 element .

You can add your friends when opening futures accounts or trading , I'll make an appointment in advance , Help you apply for preferential fees , Provide professional services ~

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