Are there conditions for new bonds? Is there a big risk of new bonds

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Are there conditions for new debt Is there a big risk of new debt

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , There are no requirements for new debt , As long as the securities account is opened , That is to say, if you have a stock account, there is basically no risk in making new bonds , There is no market value requirement for new bonds , But the success rate of new bonds is relatively low
The specific account opening process is as follows
To open an account, you need to prepare your ID card 、 mobile phone 、 Bank debit card , Then contact our securities manager online to apply for the QR code download of account opening App land , By uploading identity information 、 Video witness 、 Apply for digital certificate 、 Fill in the information and other steps , It only takes a few minutes , You can open a capital account online 、 Shanghai A、 The shenzhen stock exchange A Stock account and fund account , After the company successfully pays a return visit to the customer, the customer can use the account to trade .
Certificates and documents to be prepared when opening an account :
1、 The original of my ID card ;
2、 My bank card ;
3、 Mobile phones in normal use
If you want to open a low commission or a new debt account, please feel free to contact me , Our head brokerage company can give you a low commission rate ! One to one service for you !

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